Woodmore Drama Club

Woodmore Drama Club Presents!

Godspell Cast List


Kylee Majchszak, Abbey Holub, Emily Lang, Addyson Blausey,

Grace Draeger, Violet Davis, Addie Pleasnick, Bella Goings, Morgan

Williamson, Amber Conner


Jesus: Aden Carter

John the Baptist/Judas: Rylee Williamson

Jeffrey: Izzy Salander

Lamar: Justin Kigar

Herb: Colton Ivy

Robin: Jenny Zhunussova

Joanne: Satori Alter

Peggy: Ava Rich

Sonia: Stella Strong

Gilmer: Cadence Gray

All actors will go by their own name for the show except for Jesus and John the Baptist/Judas.

Congratulations to all of you on a fantastic audition!