Future Teachers of America

Personal profile

  • Kristina Curtis
  • History teacher at Woodmore High School
  • Year 25
  • Master’s of Education - Curriculum and Teaching - BGSU
  • FTA Advisor - Year 4

Description of Group - (copied from the FTA Constitution - Spokane Chapter)

  • Section 1. To learn about the teaching profession, its opportunities, responsibilities, problems, and its important role in our nation and throughout the world.
  • Section 2. To explore our own interests and abilities in relation to a career in the education profession.
  • Section 3. To cultivate in ourselves the high qualities of personality, character, scholarship and leadership which are essential in good teachers.
  • Section 4. To learn how and where teachers receive their preparation, the cost, the loans and scholarships available, the number of years of study required, and the certification requirements and standards established by individual states.
  • Section 5. To assist Woodmore faculty members in their classroom duties.

Upcoming Events

  • Fundraising - Christmas Raffle Basket

Annual Events

  • Assist at the Veterans Day Luncheon and Program
  • Fundraising
  • Teacher Appreciation Week

2019-2020 FTA Members Pictured

Front Row (L to R): Macy Perry, Libbey Almroth, Haley Schling, Mrs. Curtis, Vice President Anna Youngless, Jonathan Kigar, Regan Draeger

Middle Row (L to R): Kiersten Flick, Sierra Cantley, Huntergrace Overmyer

Back Row (L to R): Caroline Burke, Secretary/Treasurer Sophia O'Neill, President Grace Rothert, Kaylie Latez, Kelsi Szakovits, Grace McCarthy