News and Notes

Oct. 31 - Woodmore had eight players earn all-league honors after a recent vote of the Northern Buckeye Conference head coaches. Sophomore Caydie Buchanan and junior Melanie Hunt both earned first-team honors. Buchanan earned her honors at defender while Hunt was a midfield selection. Earning second-team honors was: sophomore Izzy Cook at defender, senior Sidney Wank at midfield, senior Autumn Bowen at midfield, junior Alayna Hahn at a forward spot, junior Macey Bauder at forward, and sophomore Layla McGinnis at goalkeeper. Buchanan, Hunt, Hahn, and Bauder earned Div. III honorable mention all-district as selected by the Soccer Coaches Association.

Oct. 26 - Div. III District (Genoa H.S.) - Lake 3, Woodmore 1 - Woodmore fell behind 2-0 after the first half, but came out strong in the second half and cut the deficit in half with a goal from junior Macey Bauder with 33:50 left in the game. Junior Melanie Hunt assisted on the goal. Lake scored with 11 minutes left make it the final score. Lake scored with 24 and 18 minutes left in the first half. Sophomore Layla McGinnis made 11 saves in goal.

Oct. 19 - Div. III Sectional - at Woodmore 1, Genoa 0 - Junior Melanie Hunt scored with 3:09 left in the first sudden-death overtime period to send the Wildcats to the district semifinal game. Junior Macey Bauder had the assist and sophomore Layla McGinnis had four saves in goal. -

Oct. 16 - at Woodmore 13, Otsego 0 (Woodmore goals: Alyana Hahn 4, Macey Bauder 3, Melanie Hunt 2, Paige Helmke, Autumn Bowen, Alivia Smith; Assists: Hahn 4, Azure Travis 2, Helmke 2, Bauder 1; Saves: Layla McGinnis 2)

Oct. 14 - Woodmore 4, at Rossford 0 (Woodmore goals: Macey Bauder, Sidney Wank, Sophia O'Neill, Azure Travis; Assists: Rahzia Rios 2, Megan Vogelpohl; Saves: Layla McGinnis 1)

Oct. 12 - Liberty-Benton 3, at Woodmore 2 (Woodmore goals: Alayna Hahn, Azure Travis; Assist: Leah Schultze, Macey Bauder; Saves: Sophia O'Neill 2, Layla McGinnis 4)

Oct. 2 - Woodmore 2, at Archbold 1 (Woodmore goals: Macey Bauder, Autumn Bowen; Assist: Alayna Hahn; Saves: Sophia O'Neill 7)

Sept. 30 - at Eastwood 4, Woodmore 2 (Woodmore goals: Alayna Hahn, Macey Bauder; Assists: Marinda Rotruck, Melanie Hunt; Saves: Sophia O'Neill 15)

Sept. 27 - Woodmore 1, at Van Buren 0 (Woodmore goal: Melanie Hunt; Assist: Rahzia Rios; Saves: Sophia O'Neill 5)

Sept. 25 -Woodmore 1, at Genoa 0 (Woodmore goal: Macey Bauder; Assist: Alayna Hahn; Saves: Sophia O'Neill 9)

Sept. 23 - at Woodmore 1, Lake 0 (Woodmore goal: Megan Vogelpohl; Saves: Sophia O'Neill 8)

Sept. 20 - at Woodmore 3, Swanton 0 (Woodmore goals: Macey Bauder, Rahzia Rios, Melanie Hunt; Assists: Paige Helmke, Sidney Wank, Marinda Rotruck; Saves: Layla McGinnis 2, Sophia O'Neill 4)

Sept. 18 - at Woodmore 4, Oak Harbor 1 (Woodmore goals: Melanie Hunt, Autumn Bowen, Alayna Hahn, Kassy Nissen; Assists: Hahn, Macey Bauder, Rahzia Rios, Kalle Heins; Saves: Layla McGinnis 9)

Sept. 16 - at Woodmore 9, Rossford 0 (Woodmore goals: Macey Bauder 4, Alayna Hahn 3, Rahzia Rios, Kalle Heins; Assists: Paige Helmke 3, Hahn, Rios, Melanie Hunt, Marinda Rotruck, Izzy Cook; Saves: Layla McGinnis 0 saves)

Sept. 11 - Woodmore 11, at Otsego 0 (Woodmore goals: Alayna Hahn 4, Rahzia Rios 2, Leah Schultze 2, Melanie Hunt 2, Macey Bauder; Assists: Kalle Heins 2, Hahn 2, Bauder, Alena Davis, Megan Vogelpohl, Alivia Smith; Saves: Layla McGinnins 2)

Sept. 9 - Eastwood 3, at Woodmore 0 (Saves: Layal McGinnis 8)

Sept. 2 - at Woodmore 0, Genoa 0 (Saves: Layla McGinnis 2)

Aug. 25 - Woodmore 2, at Lake 1 (Woodmore goals: Macey Bauder 2; Assist: Alayna Hahn, Rahzia Rios; Saves: Layla McGinnis 5)

Aug. 23 - Woodmore 1, at Riverdale 0 (Woodmore goal: Alayna Hahn (Macey Bauder assist); Layla McGinnis 6)